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MyBetTipster was established as the syndicate soccer tipping service in Asia, with extensive connections internationally to develop a full range of soccer fix match formations to provide match analysis and tips to soccer punters around the world. Every single tips released by MyBetTipster are handled with extreme care, to ensure it meet the highest standard of soccer insider information, with over 18 years of experience in this industry.

In recent years, soccer match had become a controllable games that fixed by Hong Kong syndicates due to many reasons. However, MyBetTipster is in charge of exchanging tips by investing a big sum of money to obtain the most accurate information or tips from the insider in various part of the world. Successful soccer betting syndicate tips are based on several factors including statistical analysis,situational trends, team information, relations with the insider, and psychological factors.

We are committed to release only the most selected and exclusive match with the highest winning probabilities from our Hong Kong syndicates. Along with our tips, we give the best odds from all the major online bookies, we provide a smart money management system and we offer information about each type of bet so that you can take maximum advantage of each tip we provide and increase your profit month after month.

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  • Most reliable syndicate betting tips in market that gather all information from Asia biggest sportsbook.
    MyBetTipster guaranteed every tip is direct from syndicate that controlling soccer matches.
  • Guaranteed odds available for every members and at least 5 hours time to place bets.
    MyBetTipster make sure all tips is available in buyer sportsbook, if tips unable to place bet we will provide free replacement.